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The media isn’t focusing on Wesfarmers’ management transition, but it’s more important than the slow creep of negative news. Here’s the thing. You won’t get a chance to buy Wesfarmers without a spot of bad news. With the retail sector – responsible for more than 80% of the company’s earnings – on the nose, the negatives are intensifying. Some might say that managing director Richard Goyder has timed his exit judiciously. In fact, recent management changes are important to the long-term future of Wesfarmers, more so than shopping swings and retail roundabouts. Before getting to this changing of the... Why has the Blackrock Group bought and sold a large number of Wesfarmers shares on several occasions recently, with only a few days between each transaction? Hi, I was reading of the possibility that Amazon may รองเท้าวิ่ง be setting up in Australia as early as next year. I was wondering how that might affect your views on retailing companies such as WES, WOW, MYR, HVN etc. Do you consider this a big risk for thes...

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